Payroll/Employer of Record

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Many ALOIS MSP partners and enterprise clients trust us to be their payrolling partner or employer of record. Human Resources departments in larger organizations are often overworked and stretched too thin. Smaller organizations may not have a separate HR department at all. On both ends of the spectrum, the company simply doesn’t have the bandwidth required to focus on staffing and recruitment. That’s where ALOIS can step in, handling the recruiting and hiring process.

Benefits Of Choosing ALOIS’ Payroll And IC Compliance Services

Employer of Record (EOR)

As your Employer of Record (EOR), ALOIS is responsible for ensuring your workforce is compliant with all insurance and regulatory requirements. ALOIS protects clients from misclassification and other employment risks common to working with 1099 independent contractors. 

Our Payrolling Services Include: 

  • Payroll & benefits management
  • Workers’ comp and insurance coverage
  • Reducing misclassification and co-employment risks